Description of Selected Services

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Effective Solutions Consulting Group has developed and applies a model for assessment, monitoring and comparison of municipal services by means of indicators for effectiveness and efficiency.

Effective Solutions Consulting Group provides assistance to municipalities in developing long-term projections of municipal revenues and expenditures, developing budget estimates, projections of the net operating budgetary results, payment of liabilities and capital investment costs.

Effective Solutions Consulting Group  offers expert assistance in debt management and servicing, which may include: amendments and supplements to municipal ordinances, debt carrying capacity analysis, prioritisation of capital investment projects, debt structuring, negotiations with credit institutions.

Effective Solutions Consulting Group  has rich experience in rendering expert assistance in legislation drafting at national and municipal level; developing municipal strategies, capital investment programmes, municipal fiscal policies.

Effective Solutions Consulting Group offers consultations and training on introducing the delegated budgets system in the public service delivery units and mayoralties. The delegated budgets system increases the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery and introduces greater transparency in the allocation of funds among the municipal service delivery units.

Effective Solutions Consulting Group offers an electronic voting software system and expert support for its introduction. The software solution is simple and easy to use by councilors. The electronic voting system facilitates the performance of the municipal council and saves time, enhances responsibility and transparency in decision-making and provides easier access to information for both citizens and media about the work of the municipal council.

Effective Solutions Consulting Group supports organisations and programmes in assessing their capacity by using a unique diagnostic tool - the Institutional Development Framework (IDF). IDF evaluates the institutional capacity and determines the priorities for its enhancement via a set of indicators. Based on the IDF assessment results, we develop action plans with measures for capacity strengthening in the problem areas. 

Effective Solutions Consulting Group has extensive experience in developing, conducting and evaluating training programmes in the company core fields of expertise. The training services offered by Effective Solutions Consulting Group are well known for their proven effectiveness. The company has organized and delivered training to members of parliamentary commissions, ministries, local governments, banks. We approach training as a tool to bring about specific organisational and behavioural change. Our training programmes are interactive, adapted to the specific client needs and based on the practice. The staff and the network of experts of the company combine technical abilities as trainers with practical operational experience to bring balance and credibility to each assignment.   

In order to improve the impact of training and accelerate the learning process, we also offer to our clients structured follow-up consultations and combination of training with other management interventions – needs assessment, strategic planning, development of individual and organizational action plans.

            Effective Solutions Consulting Group offers:

  • Development and delivery of training programs
  • Seminars on request 
  • Organization of conferences and discussion forums
  • Organization of study tours
  • Design and facilitation of meetings and public events