Scope of Activity

Effective Solutions Consulting Group strives for sustainable development of the democratic institutions and the civil society. We offer to the public institutions, local businesses and NGOs practical solutions for effective and accountable governance and socio-economic development. Our scopes of activities include:

  • Policy Reforms - we provide advisory services to central and local governments in improving the regulatory framework and increasing the capacity in the areas of decentralization, financial management, delivery of effective and efficient public services, local economic development, and citizen participation.
  • Institutional development - we work with central, regional and local governments to promote their effectiveness, accountability and transparency.
  • Public-private dialogue - we mediate in building greater understanding and confidence among the public and the private sector and the civil society organizations in order to create an enabling environment for sustainable economic growth.
  • Citizen participation and civil society - we apply practical tools and mechanisms for involving citizens in the process of policy development and implementation and for improving citizen impact on public policy; we provide services to non-governmental organizations to strengthen their institutional capacity for lobbying, conducting campaigns, delivering services, and ensuring financial sustainability.