Current Projects 
  • Expansion of the Application of the Delegated School Budgets System

In partnership with Open Society Institute - Sofia, Effective Solutions Consulting Group has been implementing the project among local governments in Bulgaria. The project aims at increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the financial management of school education through granting more management authority and financial discretion to school principals and by increasing the transparency in the financial relations between municipalities and schools.

  • Development and Application of Methodology for Cost-Benefit Analysis of Public Services

The project is being implemented in partnership wiht the Open Society Institute - Sofia, with the ultimate goal to develop and install in practice tools for assessment, comparison and definition of the effectiveness and efficiency of the service providers at municipal level. The project continues and expands the work previously done by Effective Solutions Consulting Group in assessing local services by increasing the number of municipalities and adding municipal activities delegated for implementation to local governments by the state.

  • Development of a web-based portal for the Council for Decentralisation of the State Governance

The purpose of the project is to develop a web-based portal that will facilitate the members of the Council in the discussions and dissemination of materials and reports and will improve the public access to reports, research materials and issue papers on decentralisation issues.

  • Community Based Investment Planning

The project purpose is to create a framework and process for public authorities, NGOs, citizens and local businesses in selected Bulgarian municipalities to establish management and financial partnerships to address citywide and neighborhood improvement priorities on an annual basis and to jointly mobilize resources for implementation of local development initiatives that improve the living environment.  

  • Building the Capacity of Bulgarian Local Governments and Businesses to Prepare Feasibility Studies for Projects Financed by the European Regional Development Fund

The project goal is to better prepare local governments in Bulgaria to develop successful projects under the ERDF and other sources of financing municipal infrastructure projects. A training program has been developed to fill in the existing gap in the municipal capacity to prepare feasibility study. The five-day training gives theoretical knowledge and builds practical skills regarding the overall process of preparing feasibility studies for infrastructure projects.

Implemented Projects 

  • Local Government Initiative

In June 2006, Effective Solutions Consulting Group became a sub-contractor of RTI International, NC, USA, in the implementation of the Local Government Initiative (LGI) Programme of the US Agency for International Development (USAID). The LGI Programme ended in June 2007 after 10 years of continued efforts and significant achievements in building more accountable and effective local governments. The work under the LGI was organised around activities at the level of policy reform and local authorities' capacity building. LGI was strongly involved in activities supporting fiscal decentralisation; sectoral decentralisation; infrastructure finance; effective, accountable and transparent process of decision-making at municipal level.

  • Capital Transfers

In partnership with Club „Economika 2000” and the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria Effective Solutions Consulting Group implemented a project, financed by Open Society Institute, Budapest. The project’s goal was to analyze the system of capital transfers in Bulgaria, to evaluate their impact on the investment policies and possibilities of the municipalities, to propose system amendments, targeted to its simplification and revisiting the transfer objectives in view of the ongoing state decentralisation policy. This study comprises a training plan for municipal employees on capital transfer issues by using specific examples from Bulgarian municipalities, comparison of the current system with the so called “good system of transfers” and evaluation of the proposals for its improvement through analyses of the impact on individual municipalities.

  • Analysis and Assessment of the Effectiveness of Services Delivered by the Territorial Units of the Central Government

The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works awarded to Effective Solutions Consulting Group one of the tasks under the Decentralisation Programme, adopted by the Government in 2006. The task incorporates a general overview of the existing territorial units of the central executive power from the viewpoint of their territorial scope and organization, their functions and the types of services delivered, as well as an analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of these services by applying a system of indicators, based on empiric data (financial and non-financial), supplemented with results from a sociological survey, which deepens the analysis and provides useful terrain information about the scope of services, their quality and the relevant customer satisfaction.

  • Development of a System of Indicators for Evaluation of the Results of the Decentralization Strategy and Its Implementation Programme
This task was awarded by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works to Effective Solutions Consulting Group. The result of its implementation was presented in a report, which proposed a system for monitoring the implementation of the Decentralisation Strategy and its Programme based on a balanced implementation score sheet and tested in the practice criteria for selection of indicators. The proposed monitoring system allows the decentralisation measurement and assessment to be compared both to preceding periods and to certain projected state in mid-term, thus offering integrated template indicators for international comparisons
  • Development of the Annual Monitoring Report for Assessment of the Results from the Implementation of the Decentralisation Strategy and the Programme for 2006
This task has been awarded by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works to Effective Solutions Consulting Group wiht the aim to develop an objective, unbiased and professional assessment of the progress made in 2006 in implemeting the measures and objectives of the Government's Decentralisation Strategy and the Programme for its implementation.
  • Assessment of possibilities for assigning service provision responsibilities to local governments in Bulgaria for local services like public order, fire protection, central heating, water and sewer, cable television and other typical for the practice in the EU member states

 The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works has awarded the implementation of this project to Effective Solutions Consulting Group as part of the Programme for the implementation of the Government's Decentralisaton Strategy. The project aims at assessing the practice in the EU member states for assigning service delivery responsibilities fo local governments and based on the key findings and in-depth analysis of the existing practices in Bulgaria to propose legislation amendments and recommendations for decentralisation of similar services in Bulgaria.  

  • Evaluation of the Capacity of Selected Local Governments in Absorbing EU Funds

The Open Society Institute - Budapest has funded the implementation of this project wiht the goal to assess the preparedness, the administrative and the financial capacity of four local governments in Bulgaria (Razgrad, Troyan, Svishtov, Byala) to absorb EU funds. The four selected municipalities are of different profile, size of population and geographical location in order to form a sample as representative to the majority of local governments in Bulgaria as possible.