Foundation "Partners for Effective Solutions"

Foundation "Partners for Effective Solutions" was registered in 2006 as a non governmental non-profit organisation with public purpose.

Founded with the support of Effective Solutions Consulting Group Ltd., the Foundation is an independent organisation with its own governing bodies, goals and programs. The activity of the Foundation is based on the principles of high professionalism, impartiality, transparency and partnership.

Foundation "Partners for Effective Solutions" promotes:

  • good governance and citizen participation in public decision making
  • dialogue, consensus and partnership among governmental institutions, the non-profit and the business sectors
  • effective, innovative and sustainable solutions for institutional development of public institutions and the structure of the civil society
  • development of local democracy

The activities of Foundation "Partners for Effective Solutions" include:

  • performance of analyses, studies, forecasts and impact assessments
  • development and delivery of training programmes
  • organization of conferences, round tables and forums
  • other activities for achieving the Foundation's goals


  • "Options for decentralization at sub-municipal level", with the support of Open Society Institute, Budapest
  • "Benchmarking of the web pages of the municipalities in Bulgaria", with the support of Fund Bulgaria of the Balkan Trust for Democracy
  • "Assessment and monitoring of the capacity of selected municipalities to absorb EU funds", commissioned by Open Society Institute, Budapest
  • "Community based investment planning in selected municipalities", with the support of Balkan Trust for Democracy
  • "Building the capacity of local governments and businesses to prepare feasibility studies for projects funded from the EU funds", with the support of Open Society Institute, Budapest