Effective Solutions Consulting Group Ltd is a consulting company, registered in Bulgaria in 2005. The company was established to preserve and enrich the expertise and capacity developed in the last ten years by the team of the Local Government Initiative Programme (LGI) of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Through its LGI Programme USAID had provided for over a decade technical assistance in Bulgaria for developing effective and accountable local governments. In 2006 Effective Solutions Consulting Group became a sub-contractor of the implementer of the LGI Programme in Bulgaria - RTI International, NC, USA. The LGI programme ended in June 2007 in view of the USAID’s graduation from Bulgaria. The employees who worked professionally for the accomplishment of the LGI objectives now constitute the core team of Effective Solutions Consulting Group.  

Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of the public and private sector and the civil society by designing and applying effective and innovative solutions.

Effective Solutions Consulting Group
provides consultancy services; develops analyses, assessments and forecasts; manages projects; develops and delivers training programmes; organizes study tours, conferences and discussion forums in the areas of policy reform, institutional development, public finance and civil society.