Our Approach

Our experience has taught us that for the success of each task it is necessary to focus on:   

  • Innovation, flexibility and responsiveness
  • Services that anticipate and meet the needs of our clients

For each specific assignment, Effective Solutions Consulting Group forms a team of experienced technical that could best meet the specific client's needs. We work in close cooperation with our clients and build up confidence and sustainable relationships. 

  • Mobilization and development of existing experience and resources

Effective Solutions Consulting Group has developed a range of distinctive products and systems in areas such as managing policy reforms, institutional capacity strengthening, performance assessment, and public finance management. The company views each assignment as an opportunity to apply and improve these products and systems and develop new ones.

  • Partnership

Effective Solutions Consulting Group maintains a network of local and international partners for achieving best results for our clients. Our partners include:

RTI International, NC, USA

Nordic consulting group, Denmark

LemTech Konsulting, Poland

Club "Economika 2000 , Bulgaria

National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria (NAMRB) 

BGBiomass, Bulgaria

Open Society Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria

DS Consulting, Poland

Sofia Consulting Group